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IPL PhotoFacial

Treat broken capillaries, sun damage, wrinkles, stretch marks, age/brown spots, freckles or irregular pigmentation on the face, neck, or chest. Results are gradual with improvements appearing days & weeks following treatment.

An IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy is used to treat sun damage, wrinkles, stretch marks and age spots. IPL is also known as photorejuvenation or photofacial. Treatments can be used to erase mild sun damage, brown spots, freckles or irregular pigmentation on the face, neck, or even chest. The procedure takes between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the treated area. IPL photofacials involve a handheld device that emits pulses of broad-spectrum light through direct contact with the skin. It acts on the deeper layers of skin, making it ideal for treating broken capillaries, sun damage, and other impurities. IPL photofacial light is soaked up by red blood cells and melanin in the skin, intentionally damaging these areas. The damaged melanin breaks up and is absorbed by the skin, decreasing its appearance on the skin’s surface. The damaged red blood cells will stimulate blood flow, helping the melanin absorb more efficiently.

Generally used to treat skin blemishes and pigmentation problems, IPL photofacial treatments can be used to treat Broken capillaries (blood vessels), Rosacea, Sun damage (sunspots), Hyperpigmentation, Spider veins, Freckles and Fine lines. Most treatments are on the face, neck, shoulders, back, and hands, however, photofacial treatments can be performed on any part of the body except the eyelids and the area just above them. Photofacials can be very bad for eyes, so treating areas near your eyes is avoided.

While some redness and swelling may occur, which should subside within 24 hours and the procedure requires little to no downtime. Results are gradual with improvements to the skin beginning to appear in the days and weeks following treatment. While relatively simple, the procedure should always be performed by a professional to ensure the best results, and to minimize any potential risks. IPL photofacials can be mildly painful depending on the patient. Some say the brief stinging pain of the pulsating light feels like a rubber band flick. Some have also reported it feeling like a mild sunburn for a few days. Others do not feel anything at all.

What are the side effects?

Redness – This is fairly common. It’s a sign of irritation and generally goes away after a few hours.

Brown spots – If you underwent the procedure to treat dark spots and are suddenly faced with darker ones, don’t fret. This is normal. The dark spots may last for up to a week but will then fade.

Crusting – Some of the dark spots you’ve treated will grow hard and begin to flake. This is normal and temporary.

Bruising – This side effect is fairly uncommon and mild when it does occur.

Remember that it will take several weeks (and several treatments) before you start seeing truly significant results.

Is there any risk of serious complications?

Complications, as opposed to side effects, are not part of the normal healing process. IPL photofacials can be accompanied by complications, but they’re rare and typically the result of a poorly trained individual administering the procedure.

Blistering – Yes, we’ve already mentioned blistering, but blistering as an actual complication, and not a predictable side effect, can be extensive and painful.

Burns – This is the most common complication. You may not feel heat while undergoing the procedure, but the light is powerful and can burn your skin when not handled properly.

Scabbing – Not to be confused with flaking. Flaking occurs when melanin hardens, whereas with scabs it means the epidermis has been damaged, something that shouldn’t happen with IPL photofacials.

Hyperpigmentation – This is when patches of skin become darker than the surrounding skin. It should not be confused with dark spots getting temporarily darker, which is a normal and temporary side effect.

Hypopigmentation – This occurs when patches of skin become lighter than the surrounding skin, a complication which tends to be much more common among people with darker skin tones. Those with dark skin tones are not typically considered good candidates for this procedure specifically due to this issue.

First, we will apply a cool gel to your face and supply you with dark glasses to protect your eyes from the light. Your aesthetician will take a handpiece with a cold smooth surface and run it along your skin as it pulses light. IPL photofacials are performed in a series, and each treatment will be between 20-60 minutes, depending on how much skin is being treated. Most clients have 3-6 treatments about a month apart. After a single treatment, your skin may feel smoother and appear to have a more evenly distributed tone. However, results only appear gradually, and multiple treatments will be required for them to become truly dramatic. There’s no real recovery time involved. There may be some mild side effects immediately after the procedure that can take up to a week to diminish. You can expect to resume normal activities immediately after treatment, including applying your usual facial creams and makeup. Results may vary depending upon factors like sun exposure, age, and genetics. Typically, the results will be apparent for six months to a year. Dermatologists recommend maintenance treatments every six to 12 months to help prolong results. 2-3 treatments per year are enough to develop and maintain younger looking skin with renewed collagen growth. Avoid things that damage your skin. Limit direct exposure to the sun, wear sunscreen, and use gentle moisturizers and face wash.

You need to be tan-free. Tans can prevent the machine from accurately detecting the specific blemishes that you want addressed and put you at greater risk of being burned. You also need to avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, anticoagulants, alcohol, and anything else that thins the blood. Additionally, be sure to notify your doctor if you’re taking antibiotics or any supplements.

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IPL Full Body Hair Removal

Very gentle pulses of light applied to the hair root to make the hair go into its resting phase. The hair you have falls out & gradually your body grows less hair in that area. For underarms, bikini line or face. 6-10 treatments recommended for semi-permanent removal.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light technology. IPL hair removal devices apply very gentle pulses of light to the hair root. This makes the hair go into its resting phase: the hair you have falls out, and gradually your body grows less hair in that area. Laser hair removal treatment works by targeting hair follicles just below the skin’s surface using a highly concentrated light. The laser energy will then transform into heat to eliminate the hair follicle, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. Very light hair is difficult to treat with any laser currently available. The treatment can be used on the Face/neck, Bikini line, Arms, Chest and Back.

Stubborn, unwanted hair that grows in inconvenient places like the face, back, underarms, bikini area, or legs can leave a patient feeling frustrated and embarrassed. Many patients have tried several hair removal methods and find themselves unsatisfied with the temporary results. Fortunately, patients can get rid of unwanted hair for good with the latest advancements in laser technology. Laser hair removal is an FDA-approved treatment that can safely and effectively remove unwanted hair from various areas of the body, making your skin look and feel smoother and more appealing.

When done by a professional, IPL Hair Removal is very safe, although we can do a 24-hour patch test if you have any concerns about any possible reactions or effectiveness. There’s no downtime and you can return to your daily activities immediately after your treatment. Laser hair removal delivers long-lasting to permanent hair reduction, usually within 6 treatments. There’s no damage to the epidermis, regardless of your skin type. There are no incisions, so there’s no scarring and maximal safety. Laser treatments are more efficient, gentle, and more effective. Avoid plucking, waxing, and bleaching at all costs throughout your treatment. Shaving the treated area is acceptable, but sun exposure should be avoided.

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